My 2m (70cm) (23cm) EME history

My interest in EME started in 1984 and it was the time when I built my first 2m EME antenna. It was 8 x 5 el. DL7KM situated near 'Olsztyn' in KO03IS. That antenna, RX, TX and also 400W QRO was totally home-made. In 1985 I managed to complete random qsos with W5UN, KB8RQ and DL8DAT as SP4DCS.

My first 2m EME qso ever

I was convinced that I was the first SP station that worked 2m EME but later it occured that SP5CJT completed many great 2m EME qsos one year earlier. Due to family affairs I moved to 'Lodz' in SP7. My qth was in a big city and I had 60m of coax to my anntena, which made EME nearly impossible. Despite it, in 1990 I managed to work W5UN having only 95W going through 60m of coax to 15el. YAGI (8.5m boom).

My first 2m EME qso as SP7DCS

It was a great success but I still had to wait until I bought a country house in 'Nicenia' to start more serious 2m EME experiments. In 1997 I worked SM5FRH, F3VS, W5UN and K5GW (4 initials) on array #1 - 10 el. YAGI (5.3 boom), 400W QRO and preamp at shack.

My first 2m EME qso in my country house - 'Nicenia'

In 1998 I bulit array #2 that gave me a lot of fun (51 initials) until it was damaged in 2000. After that I started experiments with single long cross yagi - array #3 (71 initials). It worked very well so I decided to build 4 x (21 el. H and 21 el. V) cross yagi array. After a lot of work it was completed in autumn 2002 but due to heavy storms and winds in Europe it went down after one week... So the history was to begin once again.

4 x (21 el. H and 21 el. V) array (being built and before being destroyed) and my friend

I had to rebuild and improve every part of my system. Although the work wasn't complete in spring 2003, I managed to take part in contests on temporarily mounted 2 yagis (75 initials). I was impressed when I heard my own echo for the first time during the qso with ZS6ALE.

2 yagi temporary array in contests and SP7DCS with azimuth rotor (hi!)

It was very hard work during summer 2003 and it took a lot of time. But my 4 yagi array worked very well! Moreover, this time I didn't have to point it to the moon manually! Having this nice possibility to operate my station, I wanted to achieve qsos with all continents. As You know, working with Europe and North America is very easy. Asia is also not a big problem.

My first 2m EME qsos with Asia and Africa

African station was also already in my log, so I was doing my best to work my last two continents. Guy VK2KU helped me a lot with getting Oceania and I was lucky to work Eduardo LU7DZ on random to complete my 2m CW EME WAC!

My first 2m EME qsos with Oceania and South America

I was totally satisfied with my 2m eme antenna for the first time and it was great time. Unfortunately my array was damaged once again. At first I was totally disheartened and was almost sure to stop eme activity. With great help and support of many friends from all over the world I decided to come back once again. I was qrv shortly with temporary array of 4 x 8el. yagis and I was doing my best to build something bigger as soon as possible.

SP7DCS and son SP7MC during Italian EME Contest 05

Finally, I managed to complete my new array of 16 x 8el. YAGI before Italian EME Contest 05. I was strongly surprised when I was able to hear my echo with 100W at shack! Wow, it is good to be on air again:)

See You via the moon. Chris