Welcome my friends !

My name is Krzysztof Moczkowski. You can also call me Chris. I am a Polish radio amateur since many years. I live in the city of 'Lodz' (JO91RT), which is situated in the center of Poland. I am mostly active from my country house in 'Nicenia' (JO91MN), which is about 50 km from my house.

This is me in my shack - so You know now how I look like...

I am trying to do my best to build a satisfactory EME station. Even if a lot is done I always like making experiments and improving my system. My main interests are EME contests and random CW EME. My hobby is to decode weak signals coming from the moon, which gives me a lot of satisfaction...

Another picture of my shack

My equipment on 2m EME is:
2m array #5 - 16 x 8el. YAGI
Icom IC-746
Preamp FHX35
DSP MFJ-784B + Winrad

On 70cm EME I use:
6m dish - 0.5f/D
Dual-Dipole Feed - full polarization rotation
Icom IC-746
MMT 432/144
Preamp FHX35
LDMOS SSPA with 500W at feed
DSP MFJ-784B + Winrad

23cm EME station:
6m dish - f/D 0,5
Icom IC-746
Transverter by SP9WY
SSPA with 500W at feed
DSP MFJ-784B + Winrad

And I hope it is enough to get in touch via EME with You!

If you want to send me a QSL card or a letter, here is my address:
Krzysztof Moczkowski
ul. Nastrojowa 52 m. 6
91-496 Lodz

Operating my station...

Now I'm happy to invite You to visit the rest of my site